Meeting on 18.11.2019 Topics for discussion

1. Pattaya Presentation and Sales Building
2. Hotel offer for Jomptien
3. Semi-detached house offer in Finland


Pattaya sale and showroom

  • Modular size the internal and external dimensions of the structure?
  • Modular type & design. Studio, one bedroom house, hotel?
  • Structural design, floor, walls and ceiling. Factory have insulate material like PU panel?
  • Factory do all or i do something like interior? Mock up must be like turnkey sample for customer?
  • What another material factory have? Interior and exterior…
  • We need produce some models, apartments, hotel, house etc. Many ask offers. Building model, price, time to make. Customer payments; how much when sign contract and how many down payments?

Hotel offer

Pattaya, Jomptien

  • Hotel, resort offer 2 floor.
    Land size 188 x 42 m.
  • Design, land and building
  • What design factory have already? Price?
  • Cooperation whit land lord, business plan or only offer for buildings