Modular and prefabricated buildings.

We design and build modular buildings and prefabricated building components.

700 3D design

About 700 3D design for help start make you own.


AutoCad and 3D visualization design service. Building design start price 1600€.


Basic cost estimate for the building start from 500 €/sqm.


We recommend an insulated sandwich panel for the roof and wall structure of the building.

Do it yourself

When you want to design a building yourself, you can also order only a building with an element floor/foundation, exterior walls and roof.

Modular house- swimming pool.

Insulated wall- roof panels. Link for boards.


  • Efficient and fast construction method.

  • Insulated building save electricity budget of over 40%. Passive house ready.

  • Flexibility. Off-site modules or flat-packed panels and are then brought to your site in, ready to build.

  • Sustainability. Offsite construction requires less heavy machinery and less energy.
  • Modular constructions are consistent quality and stronger builds.

  • Modular constructions are very cost-effective.

  • Reduced Site Disruption.

Work files
Work folders
3D visualization

Look partners.

We are looking for partners to implement the commercialization of mini-buildings and at the same time start a business by setting up mini-apartments, holiday resorts, capsule accommodation buildings in warm countries.