Modular buildings for sale

All project is built from high quality steel frame and selection of materials that guarantee to last for generations. All aspect of our construction is manufactured within our factory under ISO9001 standard and supervised by team of engineers and technicians that has a decade of experience in successfully constructed all modular building types for both domestic and oversea market.

Strong steel structure at the factory as standard and corrosion protection as well. With the country’s top quality control engineer. Each unit can be connected together in several layers.

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Hotel room

We manufacture Modular hotel, the concept of innovative construction that combines major advantage of time saving, infinite adaptability and relocatability, better production and quality control and effective investment for our clients that conventional construction cannot match.


Capsule hotel

Your bed is basically a room within generally include a small television, air conditioning, an electronic console, selves, wi-fi and power sockets. The capsules are stacked side-by-side, two units high, with steps or ladders providing access to the second level rooms, similar to bunk beds. The open end of the capsule can be closed with a solid door for privacy



Modular apartment / Condominium is the Innovative construction of apartment and condominium. The selection of interior materials quality standards. Adjust the form of applications, including decorative materials yourself. High speed production equipment and innovative processes. Can be disassembled to move to the new installation is easy. Can be control of costs and timing of construction.