Modular buildings

The modular building process is revolutionising the way that the world builds. We design, manufacture, build modular- insulated panels buildings.

Build Green.

Modular buildings are fast becoming the construction method of choice across the world. More and more people are looking to build modular for the ultimate in fast, cost effective and efficient construction.

Off site construction is a growing trend, with many companies growing wise to the advantages of moving the building process away from the physical site and into a controlled factory environment.

As time goes on and our planet feels the weight of human activity, the need for sustainable solutions has risen substantially. We now understand the impact that construction alone can have on the environment Eco-conscious manufacturing techniques have become more popular in recent decades as a result, with a modular construction approach, in particular, offering builders the chance to save both money and time while helping support the planet too. The fact that it is a green way to build is an especially compelling reason for buyers to go modular.


Modular construction currently comes with a premium. Modular construction is beginning to surpass traditional stick-build construction due to a wide range of benefits.

  • Speed of build
  • Flexibility. Off-site modules or flat-packed panels and are then brought to your site in, ready to build.

  • Sustainability. Offsite construction requires less heavy machinery and less energy.
  • Modular constructions are consistent quality and stronger builds

  • Modular constructions are very cost-effective

  • Reduced Site Disruption

  • Eco-Friendly. Modular Construction = Building Green. Going green has long been the trendy thing. And for good reason.

Modular construction methodology

Modular systems can be based on a number of different models, each one having its own advantages and drawbacks, and each being most suitable for a particular type of project



  • Modules made of steel framing that is in filled with wall, floor and ceiling board: This system is rather light and suitable for a high-rise building.

  • Modules made of steel frame with walls and ceilings of corrugated steel sheet infill and floor boards on steel joist: This system is very robust and lightweight.

  • Modules made of timber frame with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels infill: This structure is rather light and suitable for low-rise construction. Insulated Prefab Elements have insulation, fixing battens and cladding outside the CLT body.

  • Struc­tur­al insu­lat­ed pan­els (SIPS) are build­ing pan­els used in walls, floors, and roofs of light com­mer­cial build­ings and homes. SIPs are 4– and 8-inch thick rigid foam pan­els, sand­wiched between two stiff sheath­ing mate­ri­als.

  • Hybrid modules that incorporate some of the elements listed above.

  • Sandwich panel construction is most efficient solution for quick building. Designed as a light weight construction consisting of floor system, wall system and roof system.


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